Massage Therapy

Sports Massage
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Chair Massage

We are available for all types of occasions, including Pool Parties, Yacht Parties, Bridal Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties and more!

Service Area

Serving South Florida
Broward County
Miami-Dade County
Palm Beach County

Including all areas of Broward County, Downtown Miami, North Miami, Aventura, South Beach, Sunny Isles, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, and West Palm Beach.

Fitness Training

In Your Gym
In Your Home
In Home Gym Design
In Your Clubhouse

We will teach you a variety of strength training and cardiovascular exercises with a focus on form and technique. All exercise programs created are productive and safe.

Massage Therapy & Fitness Training Services

Sports Massage Company offers personalized and comprehensive wellness services in your home or office.  Lifestyle modification through education of diet, exercise and stress management.  Fitness training and massage therapy services are available day and night and for any event.

Advocating wellness is not a chore and it is not a job.  Wellness is something that runs deep, we are educated on, passionate about and have incorporated for the majority of our lives.

With regard to wellness and healthy living it takes some commitment and the will change.  A healthy lifestyle requires no gimmicks and none are offered.  The path is simple, exercise daily and consume a well balanced diet with limited intake of processed foods.  It’s more than a temporary annual resolution, or preparation for a season or special occasion to fit into the perfect garment.  Wellness is for life, exercise is lifelong medicine, nutritious eating is 24/7/365.  Your long term motivation and goal should be to live healthy day in and day out.

It is a pleasure to navigate adults and their children down a path of safe and healthy choices of diet, exercise and wellness.

Massage Therapy

Exercise & Wellness

Mission Statement

To enhance client health by achieving all health goals through education, well rounded exercise programing, nutritious food selections, primary prevention and stress reduction strategies. Permanantly incorporating these lifestyle changes enables clients to enhance their levels of health and fitness throughout the lifespan.